10 Highly Effective Lead Magnet Examples and Ideas

According to different sources, 92-99% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy. But how do you get their personal info to build relations with them until they are ready? With the help of lead magnets.

Below we will cover

  1. what is a lead magnet
  2. what makes a good lead magnet
  3. what tips and ideas for lead magnets we have for your business

lead magnet examples and ideas

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free offer designed to attract an email opt-in. A few lead magnet examples are eBooks, cheat sheets, guides. Businesses use them to fill their marketing funnel, build relations through giving value, and promote a product or service. 

After visitors download a lead magnet, marketing departments may start sending newsletters, promotions, specialized offers, more related resources, etc. to them. The ultimate goal is to nurture these visitors into sales-qualified leads and conversions who are ready to book a consultation, try a product or schedule a demo.

Qualities of an effective lead magnet

Here we’ll go over three main qualities that make a good lead magnet: 

1) Unique point of view

You might create a lead magnet on Facebook Messenger marketing but there are already tons of resources on this topic (including on our blog). Visitors will think this is another PDF with the same tips and tricks everyone else is sharing. 

But if you conduct a survey and create a report around this topic, the value of your offer will increase. Or if you interview other marketers on how they use Facebook Messenger and make a resource with original answers, your lead magnet will again stand out.

2) Authentic, high-quality design

Do you think that the great design of lead magnet examples is associated with high costs and endless rounds of revisions? It’s not. With Canva, Beacon, and other tools you can implement your lead magnet ideas by customizing the templates according to your brand colors. Just make sure to avoid overused stock photos and illustrations and everyone else is using. You will still be able to find free templates that look professional.

3) Easy to download

First of all, make sure your website doesn’t have technical problems and visitors can receive your offer smoothly. Some examples include – submission forms don’t work, lead magnets don’t arrive in the visitor’s inbox, etc. 

Second, don’t ask your visitors to fill in long submission forms – name, email address, phone number, company, company size, website, position, etc. 

Usually, it’s enough to ask for their name and professional email address. Once you know their professional email address, you will automatically know their website and company. But here’s a tip. The higher value you offer with your lead magnet, the more info you can request. 

10 best lead magnet examples

With these lead magnet examples and tips, we have helped our agency clients generate thousands of leads and grow their lists. Now it’s time to share our learning with you:

#1 Guides and eBooks

Ebooks and guides are long-form lead magnet examples that cover a specific topic from A to Z. They are usually in PDF format, or you can offer multiple eBooks in PDF with a ZIP file. But here’s the thing. 

As Google favors long-form, well-researched, and detailed content, marketers prefer to publish long guides and pillar pages on their blog instead of gating their best content behind a PDF. So when it comes to creating a downloadable eBook or guide, you should pick a topic that doesn’t have much search volume but will be of interest to your audience.

Guide by Moz - lead magnet examples

#2 Checklists

A checklist is a 1-2 page list of tasks or actions that one should take by following the right order. A perfect checklist must have three columns in front of every task that users should complete:

  1. Due 
  2. In progress
  3. Done

A perfect checklist should allow users to check or uncheck the checkboxes depending on whether an action is due, in progress, or done. 

Even the free versions of design tools offer lead magnet samples for creating checklists so you don’t have to create columns and rows from scratch. Your only job is to research your topic thoroughly and make sure you don’t miss a single step in your checklist.

Checklist by Semrush - lead magnet examples

#3 Case studies

Case studies are lead magnet examples focused on the analysis of a particular activity or work process. It usually consists of three parts

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Results

Marketers use case studies to show how a company helped this or that customer and took her/his business from point A to B. 

Not all website visitors will be ready to download a case study: they’d rather download something for educational purposes. 

Case studies are designed for leads who are closer to becoming customers and need some testimonials, materials to strengthen trust towards your business.

#4 Free templates

A template is an editable document with pre-designed rows, columns, and sections you can use to create your own documents. 

Among different types of lead magnets, templates are the ones that are extremely useful when you want to write business plans, strategies, conduct audits or prepare reports. If you serve groups of people who are involved in similar processes, you might consider giving away free templates. 
Free templates by Hubspot - lead magnet example

#5 Webinars

A webinar is a live or on-demand presentation that takes place on the internet. Webinars are usually lecture-based and often involve demonstrations, Q&A sessions, or interactive activities with online participants. These are lead magnet examples that were gaining popularity even before the pandemic but after lockdowns and restrictions, their popularity grew even quicker. 

According to stats,

  • Webinars in the morning are 93% more successful than at night
  • Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to host webinars
  • 91% of webinars host a Q&A at the end

#6 Free trials

A free trial is a period during which the user can use the software for no cost. The length of this time varies depending on what type of service, app, or product it is that you are trying. Offer a limited-time free trial for your product or service that is short enough to pique the interest of potential customers but long enough for them to discover the value of your product.

Free trial by Semrush - lead magnet examples


#7 Free consultation

Free consultations are lead magnet examples that require you to allocate time to the prospect, research his website/product to give recommendations but don’t charge for your time and efforts. You expect that a prospect will trust you, see your expertise, and start paying for your services. However, most prospects will use your free advice and try to implement your tactics on their own. 

Among all ideas for lead magnets, the free consultation is the one that may waste your time the most. To avoid this, you should define how to run your consultations. Instead of giving free advice, you can diagnose your prospect problems, discuss why they need your services and what benefits they will get. So don’t give free advice, don’t show what you can do and how. Tell them why they need your service, why they should pay, and what they will get. 

#8 Training videos

Training videos are short, informative clips of videos. Businesses use training videos to teach their users how to use their products or turn videos into lessons. Common topics for training videos include how to use a new app, how to do your job more efficiently, etc. 

As businesses record similar videos, they can further turn them into a video course and offer it as a lead magnet. Many people prefer watching videos over reading long posts, so training videos will help diversify lead magnet formats. 

#9 Quizzes

Our list of lead magnet examples would be incomplete without quizzes. A quiz is a short, interactive question-and-answer game. An online questionnaire can be created in just minutes to help you learn more about your customers and their needs. Quizzes are also a great way to increase your site traffic and build your email list. They’re also fun for participants!

There are multiple ways to get email addresses from your quiz participants:

  1. Don’t show the right answers during the quiz. Ask them to share their email address to get the answers in their inboxes.
  2. If visitors get the answers right, let them know during and at the end of the quiz. However, if they want to get a reward – an offer or a freebie – they should enter their email addresses. 
  3. Ask for the participants’ email addresses before the quiz. If they don’t share their emails, they can’t get started with the quiz.

For example, Britanny Berger offers a Free Content Strategy quiz on her website. She asks seven questions to understand which pop star will save your content strategy. In the end, she asks for your email address to send the results + personalized emails.

quiz - lead magnet examples

#10 Discount

Discounts are lead magnet examples targeted at a price reduction on something. Seems like discounting your services/products is a good idea both for you and your audience. You will get more sales and your audience will save money. However, there is a fine line between discounting and devaluing your products.

Some best practices for running discounts:

  1. Don’t run discounts too often. Understand your slow times of the year and run discounts up to 2-3 times during the year.
  2. Use discounts to get rid of outdated, overstock, slow-moving items. Why offer discounts for your bestsellers that already have perceived value?
  3. Don’t be a huge discount brand that offers up to 90% sales. You will attract only bargain hunters, people with low income, and buyers who will always ask for more sales.
  4. Emphasize your limitations. Your discount might be available for the first 100 new buyers or for a few days only.

Discount by Lenovo - lead magnet examples


There are tons of other lead magnet examples but understanding which one will best work for your case is tough. The Andava team will 

  1. research your existing types of lead magnets 
  2. explore your competitor offers
  3. understand what your audience is interested in, and 
  4. give lead magnet ideas specifically for your case.