Reaching your audience on the world’s biggest search engine

Why invest in Google Ads?

The world’s most popular website, Google has the potential to help you reach millions of potential customers — but how do you make sure you’re reaching the right ones? With Google Ads, you can target relevant customers with PPC advertising.

No doubt you’ve heard of Google AdWords. These days it’s known simply as Google Ads, and offers a variety of options ranging from shopping to display ads and mobile ads. We can help you create a Google Ads strategy that complements your organic search and delivers a healthy return on investment

Working with Andava

The paid marketing team at Andava has a wealth of experience working with Google, and our experts cover everything you need to create an effective Google Ads campaign, from SEO specialists who can identify the best target keywords to a creative team that knows how to build compelling, engaging ads across all formats. Our team also has expertise in bid management, testing, and analysis, so you can rest assured that we’re continually optimizing your campaign in order to meet your goals.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!


    Types of Google Ads

    At Andava, we’ll help you navigate the full suite of Google ads, including:

    • Search ads: Google search ads appear on the search results pages of platforms including Google Shopping, Google Images and Google Maps.
    • Shopping ads: More visual than the traditional text-based ads, Google Shopping campaigns are a great opportunity to showcase your products. Google pulls in your store’s product information to display images of relevant products when people are looking to buy something specific.
    • Display ads: Google ads don’t just appear on its search results pages. With a Google Display ad, you can find potential customers before they start searching, for example when they’re browsing YouTube or using Gmail.
    • Video ads: A short video is a great way to engage potential customers. We’ll help you create beautiful video ads that run on YouTube or Google partner networks.
    • Mobile ads: Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to search, but you can’t just send them your desktop ads and hope for the best. We’ll help you craft campaigns that engage your mobile customers.
    • App campaigns: Looking to promote your mobile app? With a Google App campaign, you can create ads that encourage people to download your app, or to take a specific action within it, for example placing an order.

    Ready to advertise your business with Google Ads? Contact us to get started with your first campaign.