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Result-Driven Marketing Agency

In 2009 we entered the marketing game, stayed ahead and adopted to every change ever since. We started as an SEO Agency but over the time grew to a Full Service Digital Marketing agency that helped over 500 clients globally. 

With already 15 years of experience, failures and multiple successful projects we came to understand that true impact lays in the exclusive strategy, execution, and measurements of every project. It’s not just about offering services; it’s about working aligned with client goals, expectations and means as committed partners. 

We are efficient with your business, technology, marketing and IT budgets. Our approach is simple, no fancy terms: we identify areas of improvement, set a strategy and execute.

Discover Andava's Success Algorithm

We create customized, performance-driven solutions around your business,
helping you to launch, scale, and activate your full potential. 


We tailor data-informed strategies to enhance organic visibility, achieve targeted ROI in paid ads, and boost sales. 

Our iterative processes ensure continuous improvement, exceeding campaign goals and driving success in digital marketing endeavors.

Result-Driven Execution

Our experts focus on execution to ensure that your investments lead to meaningful, measurable, and maximised results. 

By focusing on customized, data-driven strategies, and continuously refining these processes, our team not only meets but exceed its marketing objectives.

Post-Campaign Analysis

We are past the age when marketing solely relied on creativity and on the odds. 

At Andava Digital, we specialize in transforming data into actionable insights, propelling your business towards measurable success.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients say.

We Help You Earn More With Data-Driven Strategies

In the past 15 years, Andava Digital generated $64 million in revenue. Our client retention rate is 94% and more than 60% of our new clients are from referrals. 
This is the proof of the exceptional service and results delivered to each client.

Organic Search

With 15+ years in the game, we know search engines like no other. Our high impact strategies with help you, rank, convert, earn.

Digital Advertising

Get the Ads management you need with our services, driving over $23 million in revenue. From PPC to Meta Ads.

Web Design & Development

Our expert web design and development services, create stunning,
user-friendly websites
that drive results.

Marketplace Marketing

Smart organic and paid strategies to increase your sales on world's dominant marketplaces.

Social Media Marketing

We identify your main goals and tailor a strategy to achieve them, ensuring your social media delivers exactly what you need.

Where Numbers Shape Success

Our focused, data-driven approach to digital marketing has generated massive returns for our clients and earned us a reputation for excellence.

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Successful Projects
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Our Values

We know you have choices when it comes to digital marketing firms.
Here’s what makes us different.

Transparent Communication

Passion drives everything we do. We approach every campaign with the same dedication as you’d expect from yourself.

Industry-Based Approach

We know that we can’t deliver unless we listen. Forget one-size-fits-all solutions; we take the time to understand what you need.

Flexible Budget Options

We don’t think short term. Instead, we create sustainable digital marketing strategies in line with business goals and objectives.

Special Focus to Each Project

Clients are our partners; we collaborate closely; transparency and alignment in every step towards achieving the set objectives.

Alignment with Your Goals

Technology moves quickly, but our teams are on it. We’re constantly in training mode to stay up to speed with the latest thinking.

Proactive Response

With teams of digital marketing experts at the ready, we can scale up to deliver the solutions you need, when you need them.

Our Processes

This journey is about more than just steps; it’s a story we co-create, marked by collaboration, growth, and celebrating victories together.

Climb Up the

Boost Your Digital Visibility

Fuel the Growth

Success is Not an Accident

Why Choose Us?

At Andava Digital, our commitment to excellence is evident, with over 90% of our clients choosing to renew their partnership beyond the first year.

With our marketing strategy and approach, we were able to increase sales by 38% on average within the first 6 months.

We never took a step back and always reached the KPI set by us, hitting the promised target for 100% of our clients. 

The only thing left to do is to see the results of our case studies. And one more thing…

Are you free for a call? Let’s craft a successful case study, together ! 

Performance Focused Digital Marketing

Our approach centers on data-driven strategies to deliver measurable and impactful marketing outcomes.

Before SEO
After SEO

Annual Organic Traffic

We consistently drive substantial increases in website traffic with our targeted SEO efforts.

Ranking Keywords

Our expertise in keyword optimization significantly enhances your business’s online visibility.

Return on Investment

We focus on delivering cost-effective marketing solutions that maximize your investment returns.

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