A essential health check to help you optimize your site

What an SEO audit can do for your business

Looking to create an effective SEO strategy? An SEO audit is an important first step in your search marketing journey. Essentially, it’s an evaluation of your website’s organic search performance: a checklist to identify what’s working well, as well as uncovering any issues that might be preventing it from appearing on search engine results pages.

With the SEO landscape constantly changing thanks to new technologies and ever-changing algorithms, it’s important to stay on top of all the latest developments. A thorough SEO audit will show you how well your website aligns to current best practices, and build a roadmap for making improvements. This will create a solid foundation for your search marketing strategy.

Working with Andava

Here at Andava, we believe that while a one-off campaign can deliver results in the short term, only a holistic SEO strategy can truly transform your business, ensuring a flow of high quality traffic to your site in the longer term.

Using the most up to date tools and technologies, our practiced SEO team will conduct a thorough audit of your website, checking for common errors as well as identifying opportunities for development, so that you can build a more sustainable SEO strategy and an altogether healthier website.


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    Essential SEO audit checks

     What do we look for during an SEO audit? There are a number of ways you might be unwittingly sabotaging your site’s performance. For example, are your pages loading too slowly? Are there broken links? Does your site contain duplicate content, which will be penalized by Google? By undertaking an SEO audit, we’ll help you find the errors that are standing in the way of your SEO success.

    Our team will look at your site through a variety of lenses, including technical SEO and local SEO, to help build up a complete picture. It could be that your copy is optimized nicely, but your backend SEO is letting you down — or vice versa. Alternatively, it could be that the Google algorithm has changed since your last audit. At Andava, we pay as much attention to the architecture of your site as we do to the content, paving the way for an effective SEO strategy that’s fully in line with current best practice.

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