Marketplace Marketing Agency

The ultimate goal for online consumers is to find competitive deals on products and services using trustworthy shopping platforms. As a result, marketplaces emerged and started taking over the traditional e-commerce stores. 

Marketplaces provide a single online hub for buyers and sellers to meet and communicate. For each industry, many sellers compete in the same marketplace.

  • 37% of online consumers prefer making a repetitive purchase at an online marketplace.
  • 47% of online shopping worldwide happens via marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

However, the enormous number of sellers at marketplaces makes it challenging for individuals and companies to set up their marketplace accounts uniquely and stand out from the crowd; these challenges can be choosing the right platform, product presentation, promotion, competition, and SEO mastery, etc.

Getting expert help is the best way to overcome these challenges. Our team at Andava will help create and promote your marketplace on various platforms like Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Why is it important? Simply because B2C marketplaces are estimated to reach $3.5 trillion in sales by 2024, and nobody wants to miss that opportunity.

Why Trust the Marketing of Your Marketplace to our agency? 

Everyone knows marketing is the boosting engine for any business, but the vital factor in marketing is doing it the right way. With millions of competitors in each marketplace, comprehensive marketing strategies must be implemented. Otherwise, products won’t get featured, and competitor listings will find their way to online buyers first.

Although all marketplaces have the same concept, they are significant in terms of internal laws and organizational conditions. For instance, the strategies that work on Amazon may not apply to Google Shopping and vice versa. Successful marketing requires a thorough understanding of each marketplace, its algorithms, settings, supplier system, bidding techniques, etc.

Our team at Andava has spent enough time analyzing every marketplace and learning about its best practices. Creating an account might not be that difficult, but closing deals successfully is a true challenge.

We’ll help you attract new marketplace customers, retain existing ones, and drive the consistent long-term growth of your marketplace. While we can focus on your marketing campaigns to save time and effort, you can focus on other aspects of your business.  


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!

    Our Marketplace Marketing Services

    There are several active marketplaces worldwide; each has its unique features and requirements. The starting point is choosing the suitable one as they differ according to categories, listing conditions, bidding strategies, paid and organic traffic, promotion plans, etc. Andava offers the following services:


    We’ll help you choose the best business model for your marketplace, whether B2B, B2C, or C2C. The next step is to find the perfect platform that fits your industry to create and manage your listings, like Amazon shop, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

    Pay Per Click

    In today’s marketplaces, every single click counts. When PPC is scheduled correctly, it considerably pays off. Andava specializes in PPC advertising built over sufficient customer analytics. Pay as users click on your ads; those users are targeted to increase the organic conversion rate and boost sales.

    SEO Services

    The success factor for online marketplace sellers is getting their listings on top of Google search results, and the key to that is SEO. Experts at Andava build a winning and measurable SEO campaigns to overrank competitors of similar listings.

    Email Marketing Services

    Email marketing builds brand awareness and credibility around a marketplace seller. Utilize the power of email marketing campaigns with Andava to send regular offers, product updates, new releases, and seasonal discounts. We’ll set up and automate the optimal campaigns for your marketplace account.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) is the final approach to complete the marketing effort. Convert marketplace visitors to buyers by diving deep into analyzing their online behavior and interest to optimize the marketplace account and offer them a perfect user experience (UX).

    Analytics and Reporting

    All our work is closely monitored with periodical reports; it’s then followed by deep analysis to improve the marketing strategy and adopt any market trends or changes, keeping the pace of your marketplace account up to date.

    Why Choose Us

    Decade of Expertise

    Our marketplace seller accounts has gained us accumulated proven expertise that would be in the palm of your hand as our new success partner.

    Dedicated Team of Experts

    Each of our projects is unique; we at Andava listen to you carefully, understand your objectives and fulfill your vision. Our experts will become part of your team and work together closely to accomplish your business goals.

    Affordable Pricing

    Andava offers best-in-class marketplace marketing services with a suitable pricing system designed perfectly to fit the client’s budget. Not just affordable but cost-efficient as clients would benefit from their marketing budgets and maximize their ROI.