Link building

Increase links to your website to boost its authority

How can link building improve your SEO?

Link building is a key element of any SEO strategy. How does it work? One of the ways Google ranks the relevance of your pages is by counting the number of links from high quality sites. The more links you have from other reputable websites, the more you boost your authority — and your search engine rankings.

There are a number of ways to increase the number of links to your site — and, no, you can’t just buy them (Google will penalize you for that). Here at Andava, we’ll help you put together a white hat link building strategy, managing outreach campaigns as well as making link building a part of your day-to-day SEO activity.

The Andava approach to link building

At Andava we do not see link building in isolation; instead, we understand that it forms a crucial part of your overall SEO strategy. That’s why when you work with us on SEO, we’ll always create campaigns with an eye for link building too.

Our team of seasoned SEOs covers all the skills you need to build an effective link building campaign, from creating compelling, relevant content that will naturally attract inbound links, to managing your outreach to identify your audience and secure valuable links.


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    Link building services at Andava

    How can you increase the number of links to your website? At Andava, we have a range of solutions to help you boost your traffic.

    One important way to attract links is to create content that other sources will want to link to — sounds obvious, but it’s easier said than done. From industry white papers to infographics, long form articles and engaging blog posts, our team can help you enhance your brand and create content worth linking to, as well as identifying your site’s existing assets. We’ll also help you create great quality content with link building potential built in, such as ego bait content (e.g. “best of” listings) and good quality guest blogging.

    But we don’t just sit back and wait for links to come to you. We’ll promote your content by identifying your target audience, and manage your manual outreach, contacting potential partners and asking for links. And, of course, we’re fully up to speed on all the latest developments in this fast-moving landscape, so we’ll make sure your activity is in line with Google’s current best practice.

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