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Google Shopping Management Services

Online retailers can utilize Google Shopping Ads to list their products on Google search results, including images, prices, and customer reviews. It’s the perfect opportunity for e-commerce businesses to showcase and sell their products directly from search results and drive targeted leads to their websites. 

When online users are looking for a specific product, the buying potential is high, and showing up on their search results might trigger their buying decision. With billions of Google searches every day, Google Shopping Ads are a premium deal for e-commerce businesses. It pays off significantly when utilized correctly by professionals:

  • Present products directly before customer’s eyes
  • Broader reach for quality targeted leads
  • Boost SEO and drive valuable traffic to e-commerce store
  • Opportunity for customers to compare listings and choose accordingly
  • Listings are easy to set up and manage
  • Great visibility with high responsiveness
  • Google-supported performance reporting tools
  • Affordable and cost-efficient

Benefits of Google Product Ads

Boost your business growth with Google Shopping Ads regardless of your industry, business size, age, or location. Google developed this channel to harness the massive power of its search engine in the e-commerce business. The benefits are many, and we can briefly summarize the following:

  • Pay for what you’ll get and achieve a higher ROI on your marketing budget.
  • Increase organic traffic to your e-commerce store and attract interested buyers looking specifically for your listed items. Google Shopping Ads rely on product attributes rather than keywords.
  • Drive qualified leads to your e-commerce store, not necessarily to make an instant purchase, but for the future. Convert them into buyers through newsletters and motivational offers.
  • Collect valuable data about your Google Shopping Ads and how engaging it is. Google provides highly detailed reports about your campaigns, and you can use them to develop your listing approach.


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    Why Choose Us

    We Are Google Premier Partner

    Google partners are identified by their capability to maximize campaign success for their clients. Andava has been officially recognized as a Google premier partner for its proven record of success in maintaining customer base growth.

    Proven Methodologies

    Our experience in managing Google Shopping campaigns for many clients over the years has developed our skills and methodology prominently to overcome all possible challenges. 

    Unparalleled Quality

    The client-oriented approach we follow at Andava focuses on providing high-quality work to fulfill the client’s goals with utmost flawless execution. 

    Competitive Pricing

    Our services are affordable for all businesses, as we’ve developed an adaptable pricing system to cope with different budgets. We’ll ensure your marketing money is well spent!

    Regular Reporting

    Our work is closely monitored with regular periodic and transparent reports to keep you updated on how your campaign’s progressing.

    Custom strategy

    Every business is a unique case. Therefore, we review each company individually, get to know its objectives and requirements, then customize a strategy for optimal results.