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How Can Real Estate Agencies Benefit from SEO

Are you looking for off-market properties? Instead of going after potential sellers, you can drive them to your website through SEO. Real estate companies compete in the real world to acquire new properties. Think similarly of digital marketing, and strive to acquire a higher ranking on search engines. SEO strategy is the cornerstone of successful digital marketing for real estate businesses in a world driven by the internet. 

Real Estate SEO as a Lead Generation Engine

Everyone in the real estate business is looking for leads, whether potential buyers or sellers. There are many tools to find them, like cold calling, social media, mailing lists, skip tracing, etc. But how about you switch roles and have them look for you?

You should be aware that sellers are looking for agents on search engines. If we get your website to the top search results when someone is looking for services in your target zip codes, leads will find you, not the opposite. Utilizing SEO to attract leads is the smartest choice.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!

    Our Formula for Real Estate SEO Success

    Off-market deals you get through SEO have a higher conversion rate than other channels. When sellers are looking for a real estate agent to sell their properties, they have already made up their minds, saving lots of your time.

    The success formula is pretty simple. The higher you rank on search engines in your target zip codes, the more traffic you’ll get to your website, not just any traffic but potential sellers interested in listing their properties and looking for a good deal. Other agents will get those leads if you don’t attract them to your website.

    We can analyze the keywords that sellers are using to find real estate agents in your target areas, and with search engine optimization, we bring your website to the top search results for these keywords. Although you think the competition is extensive, our formula is guaranteed, and Google’s first page is not that far.

    We’re the Last Real Estate SEO Agency You’ll Ever Need

    Our clients at Andava are part of the process; we don’t leave them in the dark, unaware of what’s happening with their marketing campaigns. We believe engagement with clients leads to better results. All is done through a multi-functional team, which possesses the utmost transparency, keeps pace with updates, and conveys the latest developments, variables, plans, and future visions clearly and straightforwardly to our clients.

    SEO for real estate is a dynamic process we need to update according to changing industry requirements. By engaging our clients in the process, we benefit from their practical business experience in their fields to develop better targeting campaigns with higher conversion rates.

    We realize that SEO is a long process that doesn’t happen overnight. Moreover, we never give false promises to our clients about rapid SEO improvement. Some clients feel worried about the time it takes, and for that, we update them regularly with detailed reports and KPIs to ensure their business is in good hands.

    Although we’ll keep sending them, you will stop checking our reports over time because the conversion rate will be the best proof of our work.