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Why SEO Matters for Pest Control Companies?

Gone are the days of traditional advertisements for PEST control like radio ads and printed brochures. Why should you spend thousands of dollars advertising your services to people who might not be interested? When people need a PEST control company, they simply Google for local service providers and find them in no time. SEO has become a must in all business fields in a competitive digital reality, and PEST control is no exception.

How Your Online Presence Affects Your SEO?

Your goal is to get to the top of search results when people Google for PEST control companies in your target areas. Setting a random campaign won’t get you anywhere close to your expectations. Improving SEO is a comprehensive strategy that complies with having a robust online presence. Due to today’s competition, getting your website to rank higher on search engines is not the final step in our approach, and we need to ensure your online presence outperforms local competitors. You only have 15 seconds to convince a potential client to hire your services on your website. So, our work includes improving website structure, customer experience, mobile-friendly interfaces, targeting content, etc.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!

    What Our Pest Control SEO Services Include

    Andava has developed an SEO strategy custom-tailored for PEST control companies to ensure superior results corresponding to this specific business field. Our services include:

    1. Analyze local competitors targeting the same areas to indicate their strategies, target keywords, and overall SEO performance.
    2. Research target keywords people use to find a local PEST control service in your area. Our research includes SEO and VSO, dedicated to keywords people use in voice commands.
    3. Improve or build a new website based on your SEO requirements to guarantee a higher conversion and attract more targeted traffic, both organic and paid.
    4. Set up and monitor targeting PPC and social media campaigns on different platforms.
    5. Provide regular reports about our campaign’s performance, SEO updates, and suggestions to stay on top of the competition.

    All done through a team of marketing experts in Andava, who specialize in SEO and have years of high-level experience in this field.

    Why Choose Andava for Pest Control SEO Services?

    Andava, with a team of outstanding and responsive staff, is making qualitative progress in search engine optimization and other marketing aspects. We’ve recognized the importance of SEO for local businesses and started categorizing different fields that would benefit the most from our strategies. PEST control was one of them, and for that, we did intensive research and came up with a customized SEO strategy for PEST control companies. 

    One of the most fruitful advantages of working with Andava is our cross-functional team covering different marketing services. From website development and social media marketing to search engine optimization and PPC campaigns. Marketing is an ongoing process that requires flexibility and consistent research to stay in the lead and offer our clients a maximized experience.

    In an era of the inevitability of digital competition and the necessity of marketing superiority via the Internet, Andava is your perfect choice.