Tailored SEO Service
for Attorneys & Law Firms

Getting the word out about your legal practice isn’t easy. Between established law offices, law specializations, and the heavy demand for experience in the field, starting a successful practice is difficult. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps give you the boost you need to start earning repeat clients, and start earning a name for yourself. Whether just starting out, or looking for new clientele, SEO should be in your strategy and marketing budget.

Win Top Local SEO Ranking

Starting a successful law practice is all about building authority. The only way to get clientele is to have a portfolio of previous work, which means clients need to find you. SEO works by using the search terms that locals are looking for, and making sure your website has the answers to their questions. Savvy consumers research everything online, including where the best legal practices are in their area. With good SEO, your page can be the first one they see when looking for a law firm.

SEO makes you visible, and lets people know you’re practicing the kind of law they need.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!


    Andava Is An Expert Provider of Legal SEO Services

    Andava’s approach to SEO is holistic, and specifically catered to our customers, which is important when considering the diversity different locales possess. The needs of one community can be very different from the community one country, city, or state over, and Andava takes this into account when designing legal SEO strategies. Identifying the needs of a local demographic and the desired clientele is critical to giving our customers a strong visitor stream. 

    We’ve already conducted more than 20 projects for law firms and attorney practices to improve their online presence and lead generation, fostering a new group of clientele and giving further confidence to existing customers. We understand the legal industry and how to identify what your local demographics need in an attorney, and we apply this knowledge to local-based, customer-specific SEO strategies. 

    SEO Steps To Help You Attract More Clients

    First, we figure out where your company ranks online, and identify the factors that place you in that ranking. Andava performs fully personalized market research for each and every client to make sure that the message your website offers resonates with the customer base you want and is discoverable by both search engines and users.

    Next, we look for SEO opportunities that may be untapped, or when SEO tactics are not working or are not present. These factors can range from not only technical things like duplicate content or inefficient url structures, but creative aspects like poor keyphrases, misdirected demographic attractions, and missed opportunities that are being pursued by competitors. Andava operates under nondisclosure agreements and does not take jobs that may present a conflict of interest. One project for each specialization per geographic area. 

    Finally, our team of SEO specialists design an SEO strategy. Andava treats each project as if we were working for our own company, and are extremely dedicated to getting results. We look at what the people in your community need and are searching for, and create a funnel to guide them from your webpage to opening a dialogue with your team. Getting your customers in the door is the first step, and we’re ready to roll out the red carpet.