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Professional Web Design Services for Small Business

With over 1.88 billion active websites in 2022, impressing online users has become a challenge for companies. Website design is the open window that plays a crucial role in people’s perception of an online business. Statistics show that 94% of customers’ first impression is based on the website’s appearance. Moreover, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for website visitors to form a conceptual idea about a website.

Indeed, a visual design is fundamental for any website, and it spotlights the company’s products, services, background, strengths, and, of course, the level of business credibility. According to Stanford research, 75% of a business’s credibility depends on its web design.

A well-designed website makes it easy for visitors to navigate its pages and quickly find what they’re looking for. In today’s world, the vast availability of competitors forces business owners to consider their website designs.

Why invest in professional small business website design?

Investing in website design pays off significantly. Although it imposes some expenses on businesses, the ROI is limitless. To summarize the advantages shortly:

  1. Tips the scale of the company against other online competitors
  2. Forms a positive image about the company and its products or services
  3. Increases conversion rate and turns prospects into customers
  4. Enhances user experience and customer journey on the website
  5. Improves ranking and website positioning on search results
  6. Generates more revenue due to successful buyer experience

Investing in a professional website design helps a small business stand out from the crowd. Whether your business is engaged in online shopping or not, it’s important to have an online representation.

Nowadays, the majority of shoppers, online and offline, perform quick online research before making a buying decision. People in your local area might be looking you up online to judge your work through your website.

Services to Support Your Web Design

Website design is of great significance for businesses, but what is it for, if not to acquire new customers and generate revenue? Our approach focuses on creating product-oriented websites and an optimal customer buying experience. Here are some processes Andava considers:

Website Development

Andava offers a comprehensive set of services, from designing and developing WordPress websites to e-commerce stores and custom web applications. We build powerful, brand-centric, and functional websites with ultra-responsive pages.

Responsive Website Design

With the growth of technology and the increased use of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and different browsers, responsive design has become a must. Our website designs are ultra-responsive and can function flawlessly regardless of the screen size, browser, or device type.

Website Maintenance

Websites should be regularly maintained for trustworthy and reliable performance. Our team provides a 24/7 support service and necessary developer updates, error checks, page speed optimization, backup plans, bugs detections, and many other maintenance services.

SEO Services

Implementing SEO strategies maximizes the benefits of having a website. Although an attractive, user-friendly design is essential, ranking higher on search engine results is the ultimate goal every business aims for. We provide professional, affordable, and targeted SEO services.

Website Copywriting

Developing websites doesn’t stop at designing quality visuals but extends that to creative copywriting. Having engaging website content is a key opportunity to persuade target visitors and push them to take action, like purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter.

Pay Per Click

Increase website traffic with targeted and well-researched Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Utilize the power of search engines with our PPC services to drive prospects to your website. As their name suggests, these campaigns are characterized as a cost-efficient marketing approach.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!

    Small Business Web Design Process

    We pay much attention to offering our clients an overwhelming website-building experience. Our process includes the following steps:

    Define goals

    A website design should comply with the client’s goals. Having a fruitful conversation is vital before moving forward, as we’ll get to know everything our client has in mind about the website.

    Create a strategy

    Once we acknowledge the requirements, we’ll draft an entire website development strategy, including different available approaches and services.

    Create wireframes and mockups

    You don’t need coding experience to discuss your website design. Our team will provide a screen blueprint and mockup to get your final confirmation.

    Design and development

    Our team of developers will handle all design and development activities with an agile methodology and extreme time commitment.

    Usability testing

    As soon as we’re done, detailed usability testing will ensure the website is functional and performs as planned and required.

    Website launch

    We’ll supervise the whole launching process and confirm the website is ready for the final delivery and acceptance phase. 


    Seeking perfectionism requires continuous evaluation of our works. We’ll keep checking the website and its performance to look for potential improvements.


    Consistently improving the website to be compatible with the latest updates and standards multiplies the benefits.

    Why Choose Us

    Dedicated Team of Designers

    Our creative designers work tirelessly to make sure the website graphics get improved better by their compelling designs, which, in turn, will convert more visitors.

    Hundreds of Satisfied Partners

    Seeking our partners’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Being trustworthy is not an easy task, yet our expert team strives to make the dream of our partners come true. We do that by establishing the basics for their web designs and meeting their increasing needs. 

    Close Partnership

    Working hand in hand with our partners to get the best results ever distinguishes us from the others. Keeping this close relationship enables us to understand their requirements and earn their trust.