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Get in Front of Customers with Digital Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Digital transformation has simultaneously been a chance and a challenge for the hospitality and tourism industry. Despite opening the doors for new opportunities, the robust competition is overwhelming for companies targeting the same audience. Ranking higher on search engines or achieving a stable online presence requires a constant update for marketing strategies to ensure better positioning against competitors. Nevertheless, everyone in this industry is striving to improve their campaigns for promising results in regard to conversion, traffic, and sales.

Hospitality Marketing Done Right

The right marketing campaign in the tourism and hospitality industry pays off beyond expectations. Although it takes a lot of effort, the results are always satisfactory for clients. Get more bookings, increase sales, and target new audiences with a competitive online presence accompanied by targeted marketing campaigns. 

  • Increase brand awareness for target local or international audiences.
  • Utilize social media platforms to become popular in your industry.
  • Generate more organic and paid traffic to your website.
  • Conversion will skyrocket with a custom-tailored PPC campaign and the right SEO.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!

    Hospitality Marketing Services

    We can divide our marketing services for the hospitality industry into four main categories:

    Search engine optimization (SEO)

    With the right SEO, we can drive high-quality traffic of interested clients to your website. We’ll analyze your target audience and markets, then customize the perfect campaign that fits your hospitality industry.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    We’ll help you choose the right platforms for your hospitality industry and target audience. SMM is more than just posting a nice photo; it’s all about monitoring consumer data, customizing campaigns, analyzing results, utilizing trends, and staying ahead of the competition. Social media is a changing world, and keeping pace requires professional experience and dedication.

    PPC Management

    Driving the right traffic through PPC requires extensive research. We’ll collect the data and analyze it to determine what your audience is Googling when they want to find a business like yours, and then we’ll build your PPC campaigns accordingly.

    Web Design and Development

    Websites are supposed to achieve a goal, not just represent a business online. They should offer a productive customer journey to increase sales and generate revenue in the hospitality industry. It requires strictly analyzing your field and developing web pages that correspond to the typical customer behavior. 

    Our Unique Approach to Growing Hospitality and Tourism Businesses

    Andava is a client-oriented agency, where every client is a unique case that requires total dedication to customizing suitable marketing campaigns. Hiring our services means you’ll be in the center of the process, focusing primarily on your vision to overcome the obstacles that hinder the success of your digital campaigns starting from the early stages of analyzing your business to implementing our strategies and monitoring the progress.

    The last couple of years were hard on everyone in the hospitality industry due to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. Therefore, we strive to offer cost-effectively campaigns where our client’s marketing budget pays off. We don’t provide standard marketing packages for hospitality clients because we know it’s a vast industry with many subcategories. Each of them has to be approached differently to achieve maximum benefit for the client. 

    Our approach starts by analyzing your business status, future goals, marketing budget, competitors, and target audience. Collecting enough information helps draw the perfect marketing plan. Our versatile and dynamic team of marketing experts will keep you updated regularly about the progress and results. Successful digital marketing campaigns might be time-consuming, especially in industries like hospitality and tourism, due to the challenging competition. However, persistency and professionalism are the only way to achieve a solid online presence.