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With a market size estimated to reach 208 billion U.S. dollars by 2022 and a revenue growth that’s not expected to slow down in the upcoming years, SaaS platforms are empowering more and more businesses worldwide as companies pay massive attention to off-premise cloud-based solutions.

Demand drives competition, and when it comes to the SaaS sector, showing on top of targeted search results is both a fierce challenge and a fundamental requirement for success. SEO processes can be tedious and time-consuming until it starts paying off, and frequently changing search engine algorithms it harder to keep pace with the ongoing development.

The vital role of SaaS SEO agencies becomes evident in terms of:

  • Monitoring customers and competitors’ behavior in the targeted SaaS market 
  • Improving SERP ranking over time with dynamic SEO plans 
  • Keeping up with search engine algorithms and constant updates

Keywords are the driving force for SEO strategies, and SaaS companies are not an exception. However, sometimes finding the right set of targeted keywords in the SaaS sector becomes impossible as some services are unique and indescribable.

An experienced SaaS SEO agency can perform extensive research on any SaaS industry to go beyond apparent conclusions and find the best targeting keywords and phrases.

Drive Leads, Increase Sales, and Grow Revenue with Our SaaS SEO Agency

Let’s start with three interesting statistics:

  • Only 0.78% of Google searchers click on 2nd page results
  • SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media
  • The deal closing rate for SEO prospects is 14.6%

SEO’s essential role in driving traffic, increasing sales, and generating revenue is unnegotiable. SaaS companies compete against each other to acquire more leads and rank higher on SERP because it’s the best method to collect subscribers and close deals.

Online consumers follow different approaches to search for the required SaaS vendor. While some of them might use short keywords, others will go after long-tail ones, and while some will type their searches, others will use voice commands. A thoughtful SaaS SEO agency understands all of that and works in multiple directions to ensure a comprehensive cover for SEO potential.

Our SaaS SEO experts source prospects to focus on qualified ones and discard the leads with low buying probability. We’ll save your time and marketing budget with an SEO approach that pays off significantly.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!

    Performance-Based SaaS SEO Services

    Although keywords form the core of SEO, it’s not the only factor that controls the efficiency of SEO strategies. In fact, SaaS SEO depends on various interconnected tactics functioning simultaneously to drive prospects and elevate a website’s ranking.

    Technical Optimization

    A technically bad website results in a low ranking. Technical optimization opens the doors wide for Google crawlers to discover the website, browse its pages, and follow the links, which leads to a higher ranking on SERP and better targeting. There are many aspects to consider when optimizing a website technically, like security, responsiveness, speed, etc.

    Keyword Research

    When people look for services, their online search behavior has common aspects and focus keywords. Conducting deep keyword research and evaluating their search volume, ranking difficulty, search trends, competitiveness, and metrics helps understand the customer’s search intent. 

    Link Building

    Links from reputable websites are essential to leveraging the domain authority, gaining your SaaS website higher credibility, and proving to search engines that your website is trustworthy. It also fosters trust with potential customers who’d land on your website through these links.

    SEO Audit

    SEO audit is the starting step for an effective SaaS SEO strategy. Conducting a comprehensive SEO audit and covering the structural and content components reveal the issues affecting the organic search performance to fix them. It’s critical to audit the website before implementing SEO techniques.

    On-Page Optimization

    As the name suggests, on-site optimization is all about improving your website. Its position on the search result page is determined by factors such as loading speed, accessibility,  keywords, etc. On-page optimization improves the website to meet search engine criteria for best ranking.

    Content Strategy

    Finding the right keywords is essential; using them in the right way is the results generator. The more quality content that meets your customers’ inquiries, the easier it is for Google to boost your website ranking. Having a firm content strategy is a big part of the SaaS SEO work.

    Why Choose Us

    A Decade of SEO Expertise

    Our years of experience at Andava with many international SaaS companies provided our SEO experts with accumulated knowledge in this field. No matter your SaaS industry, we’re always ready for a new challenge.

    Result-Oriented Approach

    When it comes to SaaS SEO, results are our work engine. At Andava, we talk numbers and statistics and strive to achieve results beyond our client’s expectations.

    Transparent Reporting

    SaaS SEO methods aren’t secret! It’s simply computer science and practical experience. So, keeping you in the loop is a part of our working guidelines. We provide periodic detailed reports about every progress we have.