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Turning Clicks into Profits


Pay per click advertising is the most effective way to put yourself in front of your target audience. A well-implemented PPC campaign can make a big impact on your traffic in a short space of time, and, if you’re clever about it, at a relatively low cost.

What makes PPC marketing really stand out is the opportunity to target your audience accurately, using data to make sure that the right people are seeing your ads. Our expert team creates campaigns that put your business in front of the potential customers most likely to click — and then convert.

Why You Should Pay Per Click

Combining PPC with Organic channels to achieve the most consistent and rewarding growth.


Pay per click advertising is an essential element in your digital marketing mix. Offering the chance to improve your position in the search rankings, PPC advertising is one of the crucial ways you can drive quality traffic to your website.

A PPC campaign is quick to set up, and can lead to rapid gains in visibility. It’s important, though, to take a thoughtful approach. Using data and careful planning, as well as ongoing monitoring of results, we’ll build a strategic PPC campaign that complements your SEO activity and targets the people that you really want to speak to.

Why You Should Pay Per Click


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!


    What makes us different? When you choose Andava, we become part of your team,
    treating your marketing campaigns as if they were our own.

    Customer Based Approach

    We craft campaigns around specific customer profiles, so that you can speak to them directly.

    Sales Funnels

    Perfectly developed sales funnels, let us prepare a perfect buyer’s journey. Our PPC campaigns are an important step in any well thought-out customer journey.


    Everything starts with the data, informing custom campaigns to reach your target segment.

    Tracking & Analytics

    We track your campaign on an ongoing basis, monitoring results and tweaking as necessary.


    We’re with you at every step, keeping you informed with regular, easy-to-understand reports.


    With teams of digital marketing experts, we can scale up to deliver the solutions you need.

    Google Ads

    Certified and Google Partnered to lead your PPC campaigns


    There’s no getting away from Google; it accounts for over 90 percent of search traffic worldwide, making Google Ads an effective form of PPC advertising. Not only will you be increasing the visibility of your website to the people searching for your products, but you’ll also have access to the Google Ads keyword planner to help you identify the best keywords to use across your PPC and SEO campaigns.

    With competition for top keywords becoming ever-more fierce, a Google Ads campaign can be an integral part of your overall digital strategy, giving you a presence on high-cost search results pages.

    If you’re ready to get started with Google Ads, we can help you put together a PPC campaign from scratch, or overhaul your existing campaign. A certified Google Partner, we offer complete support at every stage, from creating your campaign, to optimization, to ongoing management once it goes live.


    Tapping into social and lead generation.


    When it comes to data, Facebook wins hands down; the social channel is a treasure trove of information on its users, from their interests and demographic makeup to how they like to shop.

    We’ll leverage this data to create a Facebook ad campaign that zooms in on your target audience. However specific your pool of potential customers, we’ll show them the right message at the right time to help you grow your business.

    Shopping Ads

    Bring your Products to the Front of Customers


    Shopping ads let you highlight individual products in search results, putting them directly in front of potential customers who are searching for them. Shopping ads enjoy prime real estate on relevant search results pages, making them a marketing opportunity that eCommerce retailers can’t afford to miss.

    With Google and Bing both offering shopping ad services, we can provide everything you need to get started. We’ll create your product feed and establish effective targeting, as well as optimizing and managing your campaign to drive revenue and see a healthy ROI.


    Display Advertising Campaign Management from the Pros


    While search engines are important, your target audience is doing more than just looking at search results. Internet users visit a variety of different websites every day — to read the news, check their email, follow a recipe, or even just take an entertainment break from work.

    We’ll help you grow traffic through the Google Display Network. By running display ads on the news and entertainment sites your target customers like to browse, you can increase your visibility and attracting more quality visitors to your website.