Tattoo Artistry Studio
Went from 61 Users To 21K Through Strategic SEO

Case Study on how our client skyrockets its online presence, attracting thousands of new customers and solidifying its position as a top tattoo studio through strategic SEO and content marketing efforts.

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About The Company

Founded in 2017, leverages nearly two decades of experience to offer exceptional tattoo artistry. Despite its strong foundation and artistic expertise, the studio needed to enhance its online presence to attract a broader customer base and stand out in the competitive tattoo industry.

The Challenge

By September 2021, our client faced significant challenges:

  • Website Traffic: 61 users
  • Calls (from Google Search Console): 194
  • Impressions: 12,934

The primary objective was to boost digital visibility, drive organic traffic, and improve search engine rankings to attract more customers.

Services Provided​

  • Content Strategy 
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Authority Building

Strategy and Solution

To address the challenges faced by our client, we implemented a multi-faceted approach focusing on content strategy, technical SEO, local SEO, and authority building. 

Here’s a breakdown of our targeted strategies:

Content Strategy:
We developed and promoted engaging content that resonated with tattoo enthusiasts, emphasizing the unique styles and expertise of Fernie Andrade and the other artists at the studio. This content aimed to captivate potential clients and position our client as a leader in the tattoo industry.

Technical SEO:
We optimized the studio’s website for speed, mobile usability, and secure browsing. The site architecture was enhanced to improve user experience, making navigation intuitive and information easily accessible.

Local SEO:
To improve local search visibility, we optimized the studio’s Google Business Profile and local citations. We also implemented targeted keyword strategies to appeal to those searching for top-quality tattoo services in the area.

Authority Building:
We initiated a link-building campaign to secure high-quality backlinks from art and lifestyle websites, directories, and online tattoo communities. This effort increased the site’s Domain Authority and trustworthiness.

Business Impact

The strategic initiatives led to remarkable improvements in traffic, engagement metrics, and search engine rankings. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a comprehensive SEO strategy and targeted content marketing in enhancing the online presence of a health and wellness brand.

Traffic and Engagement:

  • Traffic: Increased from 61 visitors to 21,000.
  • Sessions: Reached 106,841, with 97,196 unique users.

SEO Performance:

  • Desktop Rankings: Improved by 1,124 positions.
  • Local Rankings: Up by 313 positions.
  • Mobile Rankings: Increased by 1,160 positions.

Google Search Console Metrics:

  • Calls: Increased from 190 to 700.
  • Impressions: Rose from 13,000 to 43,000.
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