Email Marketing
for Ecommerce Businesses

Email Marketing Services for Ecommerce Businesses

Email marketing campaigns have proven to be a cost-efficient and revenue-generating communication channel. Promoting products, collections, and entire e-commerce stores via email marketing is pretty straightforward.

Although some people think it’s outdated, statistics can prove them wrong:

  • High ROI of $36 revenue per every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns
  • International email marketing revenue worldwide reached $8.49 billion in 2021
  • 82% of marketers utilize email marketing campaigns for their businesses

E-commerce stores benefit from email marketing to attract prospects, retain customers, increase sales, and drive targeted traffic. As simple as email marketing is, it embodies the utmost sophistication when implemented accurately. It’s a direct and transparent method that delivers detailed messages with simple and memorable CTAs to the client’s inbox. 

Email marketing campaigns influence buying decisions and boost consumer engagement. Promotional emails motivate potential buyers and convert leads to e-commerce landing pages, whether sent pre-purchase or post-purchase. The results are guaranteed as long as these campaigns are continuous, well-planned, and monitored.

Why invest in e-commerce email marketing services?

The average open rate for e-commerce email marketing campaigns is 15.68%, while the average click rate is 2.01%. Such numbers might not seem significant from the first glimpse, but these percentages become enormous with hundreds of millions or billions of promotional emails sent daily. 

49% of online customers reported they’d like to receive promotional emails from their favorite e-commerce stores weekly. In a world where advertising campaigns are everywhere, it’s outstanding to find out that almost half of the online consumers are still interested in receiving advertising emails.

60% of online customers stated they’d bought something online due to an e-commerce marketing email. On the contrary, 12.5% of consumers said they’d consider using social media’s “buy” button. That alone confirms that email marketing for e-commerce is the most vital marketing channel. It’s said that social media advertising spreads brand awareness, but email marketing converts to sales and generates revenue.


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!

    Ecommerce Email Marketing Services That Work

    Keeping pace with the changing interests of online consumers requires diversifying email marketing campaigns. There are various approaches, and below are the primary services we offer in e-commerce email marketing.

    Abandoned Cart Emails

    When online shoppers abandon their shopping carts, they skip the last step of an online purchase. This segment of online consumers is the easiest to convert, as they have the motivation and complete understanding of what they’re buying. A simple email gets the job done.

    Upselling & Cross-selling

    Automated email campaigns can personalize cross-selling and up-selling for existing e-commerce customers. Follow up with online shoppers with offers on relevant products to what they previously purchased, or offer them an upgraded version of the same product.

    Email Opt-In and Popup Forms

    Collect valuable information from website visitors using opt-In forms. We create well-designed forms to motivate visitors to submit their email addresses. Newsletter subscriber lists are a company’s valuable asset, and building them requires lots of professional work overtime.

    Holiday Email Blasts and Promotions

    The worst promotion is the one nobody knows about. Send out email blasts to spread the word about special offers and seasonal sales. All we need are the details about your promotion, and we’ll handle everything else, from designing engaging posters to scheduling email blasts. We’ll provide insightful reports about each email blast.

    Newsletter/ Product Update/ New Arrivals/ Special Announcement

    Keeping in touch with e-commerce prospects and newsletter subscribers is essential. Send regular emails to remind the current and potential customers about available products, offers, sales, new arrivals, and the latest news. The rule of thumb in digital marketing is: Out of sight, out of mind.

    Optimized and User-Oriented templates

    Email visuals can’t be designed randomly, and several constraints ensure it’s responsive to all kinds of screens and devices. Not just the designs but the content itself has to motivate users to take action. Therefore, we provide optimal user-oriented email campaigns for our clients.

    Our Tried And Tested Method For Ecommerce Email Marketing

    Our e-commerce email marketing services follow a strict methodology we’ve developed over the years. We admit to being different from other marketing agencies, but our uniqueness got us to where we are nowadays. These are the steps we follow for email marketing campaigns:

    Discovery stage

    We’ll analyze your services, business field, competitor campaigns, target audience, customer preferences, and available statistics.

    Account setup

    The next step is setting you up with an email marketing platform along with assigning you an account manager from our agency to supervise all the activities.

    Strategy creation

    You’ll receive a custom-tailored email marketing strategy, and it’ll be specifically created to comply with your requirements, budget, and goals. Your confirmation pulls the trigger for our work to start.


    Bringing the plans to reality isn’t spontaneous. Our team will implement the marketing strategies we discussed and ensure everything goes as planned.

    Analytics and reporting

    Implementation is not the end because e-commerce email marketing is a never-ending cycle. We’ll analyze the campaign’s performance, monitor the results, and continuously provide detailed reports.

    Campaign optimization

    Based on the campaign results, we’ll optimize our plans, designs, targets, audience, content, platforms, and any other aspect that requires modification and will restart our process again for another round of email marketing.