At Andava we work with you to dive into your data and find the insights that matter.



Using data and experience for the growth of your business


Whatever you need in the way of consultancy, we’re here to help. We can work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, or simply provide an experienced sounding board for your questions and ideas.

Our digital marketing experts have the skills and experience you can count on to transform your online marketing. We couple this with the latest technological know-how to bring you the complete package: results-driven consultancy and analytics that drive real performance improvements

When we take on an audit or a piece of analysis, we pride ourselves on producing reports that are free from jargon and easy to follow. Whatever the project, you’ll end up with a clear understanding of your next steps and how to implement them.

Digital Analytics Consulting

Helping You Define WHAT to Measure and HOW to Use it.


Are you struggling to make sense of your digital marketing data? We can help you gather the data you need — both qualitative and quantitative — and use it to generate meaningful insights.

As more and more information becomes available, from websites, mobile apps, CRM systems and even home appliances, it’s increasingly important to make sure that your analytics are keeping pace. We’ll look at the data you’re currently using and develop reporting systems and processes to make sure you’re both measuring the right things, and making the most of what you find.

Digital Analytics Consulting


Understanding the importance of going digital, but not sure what to start from? We are there to advise you!


    What makes us different? When you choose Andava, we become part of your team,
    treating your marketing campaigns as if they were our own.

    Measurable KPIs

    We make sure that we fully understand your business before setting up analytics to measure performance effectively.

    Comprehensive Reports

    We like to keep things simple. Our reports are packed with everything you need to know, in a language you can understand.

    Proper management

    Our analytics are designed to be used. We’ll recommend and implement actions based on what our reports uncover.

    Qualitative And Quantitative Data

    For more detailed understanding of performance and expectations. 


    Thanks to the explosion of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers that are all connected to each other, more data is available than ever before. There’s the data you can measure in numbers (quantitative), and then the more descriptive data that adds depth and detail (qualitative).

    We’ll help you make the most of both kinds of data, developing tools and processes designed to extract the most value from the information you collect.


    The combined experience of more than 20 years.


    We know that no two consultancy projects are the same. That’s why we’ve built a team with expertise in a variety of areas, from social media to SEO and PPC. Whatever your requirements, our cross-functional team has the mix of skills to create and implement the digital marketing strategy your business needs.