The Monthly Monitor by Andava. Recap of Top Digital Marketing News | February 2022

From Google privacy changes to new Microsoft Bing features to LinkedIn updates: a lot has happened in the digital industry in February 2022. Check out the top Digital Marketing news headlines and key Growth & Technologies trends that are taking over the Internet. Stay up-to-date and get a fresh take on everything that’s happened in the digital industry over the past month.

Ready, steady, enjoy!

Google Plans Privacy ChangeGoogle Plans Privacy Change Similar To Apple’s

Google announced it’s adopting new privacy restrictions that will cut tracking across apps on its Android devices. The changes could affect big companies that have relied on tracking users across apps.

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Google AIHow Google Search Understands Human Language

Thanks to advancements in AI and machine learning, Google Search systems understand human language better than ever before. Check out how human language is translated into relevant results for users.                                                                  
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Hybrid E-Commerce TrendsHybrid E-Commerce Marketing Trend For Success In 2022

The future of e-commerce marketing will require a more future-looking hybrid approach. It will help marketers understand they need to merge branding and activation through purposeful sales and community building.                                                               
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BigCommerce B2B Companies BigCommerce Expands Technology Options For B2B Companies

BigCommerce is taking steps to grow its market reach with companies of all sizes. They have acquired B2B Ninja to offer an online price-quoting tool for companies of all sizes that deal in high volumes of quotes.

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Screaming Frog Adds Google URL Inspection APIScreaming Frog Adds Google URL Inspection API

Screaming Frog has integrated Google’s new URL Inspection API that provides access to current index data. It allows Screaming Frog to include seven new filters that identify website issues that require attention.

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Microsoft Bing Car Search Microsoft Bing Adds Automobile And Car Search Features

Microsoft Bing now has a new car search feature to let users find their next car. Users can search for used cars on Bing and it will provide a search box that can be filtered to find the car you are looking for.

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YouTube monetizationYouTube Giving Creators More Ways To Make Money

Currently, creators can make money from YouTube Shorts. Soon they’ll be able to make more money while streaming live. YouTube plans to allow users to purchase gifted channel memberships for other livestream viewers.

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LinkedIn UpdatesLinkedIn Rolls Out Sales Navigator Search & CRM Card Updates

LinkedIn introduces a new Search experience to show a full picture of how to use LinkedIn’s data to help you pinpoint the right leads and accounts faster. Sales Navigator can already link to your CRM system to manage contacts.

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TikTok 10 Minute VideoTikTok Confirms 10 Minute Video Uploads Are Coming to All Users

TikTok now allows users to create videos up to 10 minutes long. As TikTok evolves into a longer-form app with videos closer to the length of YouTube content, other apps are trying to capture the magic of short-form videos.

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Google Ad ExtensionsGoogle Ads Makes Changes To Automated Extensions

Google announced new improvements on ad extensions. Updates are coming to sitelink, callout, and structured snippet extensions. Advertisers can see a 20% increase in click-through rate when 4 sitelinks are shown in ads.

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Key Instagram ChangesKey Instagram Changes That Impact Your Marketing

There are 4 pivotal updates that will have an impact on your marketing strategies: the user experience, increased focus on Instagram video content, monetization for influencers and content creators, security and controls.

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