Landscaping Company Increased Organic Traffic by 150% in Less than a Year

A leading landscaping company based in Las Vegas launched a strategic initiative on October 15, 2019, to enhance its online presence. The project aimed at attracting more organic traffic and engaging potential clients.

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About the Company

Founded in 2002, our client has been serving Las Vegas and the surrounding cities with pride and dedication. Owners are committed to delivering top-notch landscaping services, including Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Landscape Conversions, irrigation repairs, weed control, fertilization, olive spray, and yard cleanups. Under their leadership, the company has grown from a small operation with just 2 employees and 1 truck to the largest residential landscaping firm in Nevada, boasting over 25 employees and 8 trucks.

The Challenge

The landscaping company faced the challenge of increasing its visibility in a highly competitive market within the Las Vegas Valley. Key hurdles included:

  • Low organic traffic and limited visibility on search engines.
  • Poor rankings in desktop, local, and mobile search results, which are crucial for a service provider like a landscaping company.
  • A low Domain Rating that impacted the firm’s credibility online.

Services Provided​

  • Content Strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Authority Building

Strategy and Solution

Content Strategy

We developed and promoted high-quality, informative content targeting key landscaping issues and questions relevant to the Las Vegas community. This content was designed to improve organic rankings and engage users, establishing the company as a thought leader in the landscaping industry.

Technical SEO

We optimized the website’s infrastructure for speed, mobile usability, and secure browsing, ensuring a solid foundation for search engine visibility and user experience.

Local SEO

We enhanced the firm’s Google Business Profile listing and local citations to improve local search visibility. Implemented targeted local keyword strategies to capture users searching for landscaping services in specific Las Vegas neighborhoods.

Authority Building

We launched a targeted link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable landscaping and local websites, increasing the site’s Domain Rating and trustworthiness.

Business Impact

The strategic SEO campaign yielded significant improvements in organic reach, user engagement, and search engine rankings

  • Organic Traffic: Increased by 150%
  • Monthly Impressions: Increased to 175k 
  • Desktop Rankings: Improved by 14 positions.
  • Local Rankings: Increased by 121
  • Website Clicks: Increased by 270%
  • Qualified Leads: Increased by 600%
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