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One of the leading national restaurant equipment sellers turned to Andava Digital to diagnose SEO and Google Ads performance shortcomings, optimize the website 200k product pages with programmatic SEO, content and keyword research,  and content marketing. See how our link building, content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services changed the business bottom line. 

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About the Company

A leading online retailer specializing in high-quality commercial kitchen equipment and appliances. They offer a wide range of products tailored to the needs of restaurants, cafes, and other food service establishments. With a commitment to providing expert advice and exceptional customer service, the client aimed to be the go-to source for businesses looking to optimize their kitchen operations.

The Challenge

Despite a strong product lineup and a commitment to quality, client faced significant challenges in expanding its market presence. The company had hit a growth plateau, with sales figures stagnating over the last few quarters. The competitive landscape was intense, with numerous players vying for market share, often through aggressive paid advertising strategies. The high cost of paid ads, combined with diminishing returns on investment, made it unsustainable as a long-term growth strategy. Additionally, the client’s website  website needed a stronger SEO foundation to improve organic search visibility, drive traffic, and ultimately increase sales.

More specific challenges were

  • Out of 200000 pages they had less then 50k indexed due to poor technical SEO, content and internal linking
  • The traffic quality was subpar and most of the traffic was coming to low quality blog articles (with no targeting).
  • The Google Ads setup was misleading and attribution models were incorrect.
  • Most of the profitable target keywords were not ranking on the first page of Google.

Strategy and Solutions

To address these challenges, our strategy centered on enhancing organic search presence and reducing reliance on expensive paid advertising channels. We began with a detailed SEO audit, identifying key areas for improvement in site structure, content relevance, and user experience. On-page SEO work included optimizing meta tags, headings, and product descriptions for targeted keywords, improving site speed, internal linking, indexation, structured markup and more.

A cornerstone of our strategy was a robust link-building campaign aimed at increasing domain authority and driving relevant traffic. This was complemented by a refreshed content marketing strategy, focusing on high-quality, informative articles and buying guides that positioned the client as a thought leader in the commercial kitchen equipment vertical.

  • Increase number of landing pages (indexation)
  • Cleanup the blogs (removed 800 of 1000 blogs)
  • Added 100 high quality methodical content for restaurant owners and businesses, with actual improvement on performance by 10 times compared to having 1000 blogs.
  • Programmatic SEO to improve internal linking, technical and product relevance, canonicalization and so on.
  • Improve traffic quality from mere recipe related keywords to commercial keywords like commercial ovens, commercial ice machines, commercial grills, manitowoc ice machines, commercial fryers, commercial freezers and multiple of other main product categories.
  • PR campaign to drive tier 1 reference mentions with successful placements in 50+ tier 1 websites.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive SEO audit and on-page optimization
  • Strategic link-building campaign
  • Content marketing and keyword strategy overhaul
  • Programmatic SEO

Business Impact

The strategic focus on SEO and content marketing significantly impacted on client’s online visibility and organic search rankings. Within months, the website saw a marked increase in organic traffic, with a higher conversion rate from visitors to customers. 

The improvements in site structure and content relevance not only attracted more visitors but also enhanced user engagement, reducing bounce rates and increasing average session durations.

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