Fintech SaaS Software SEO and Social Media Marketing to boost sign ups by 5x among target audience.

How we helped a FinTech start-up turn into one of the industry’s leading brands in BNPL market.  

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About the Company

The Client is a comprehensive, end-to-end multi-lender point-of-sale BNPL financing solution. Initially focusing on the home services market the platform is designed with the flexibility to accommodate financing needs across various industries. It offers a distinctive model where service providers can submit financing requests on behalf of their customers to a network of lenders, ensuring a high approval rate and the ability to cater to a wide range of credit profiles.

The Challenge

The initial challenge was to elevate the platform’s visibility and user engagement online, particularly given its innovative yet complex financial offerings. This challenge was compounded by the need to establish credibility and authority in the fintech industry from a starting point of minimal online presence.

More specific challenges were:

  • Market Visibility and Competitive Positioning: Achieving visibility and differentiation in the competitive fintech sector, especially for niche financing services targeting specific industries like home improvement and medical services.
  • Services: Effectively optimizing for search engines to communicate the platform’s complex services to a target audience, spanning service providers, lenders, and SaaS platforms, and ensuring industry-specific keyword ranking.
  • Social Media Engagement and Lead Generation: Addressing the challenge of engaging with an industry-specific audience on social media platforms, which necessitated not only active engagement but also the generation of high-quality leads. This involved creating content that resonated with a targeted, professional audience and navigating the complexities of social media algorithms to ensure visibility and engagement.
  • Intent and Audience Targeting: Fine-tuning digital marketing strategies to attract and retain the right audience segments, particularly given the platform’s focus on specific industries. This included overcoming the intent mismatch on social media and ensuring that the leads generated were not only high in quantity but also correct in terms of quality and industry relevance.

Strategy and Solution

The comprehensive strategy employed to enhance the website’s SEO performance and digital presence was meticulously structured to address the unique challenges faced by the platform.

Key components of this strategy included:

Technical SEO and On-Page Optimization: The foundation of our approach began with a thorough audit and optimization of the website’s technical SEO aspects and on-page elements. This ensured that the website was structurally sound, with proper metadata, optimized content, and a user-friendly layout, facilitating easier crawling and indexing by search engines.

Structured Website Architecture: Recognizing the importance of avoiding intent mismatch, especially given the platform’s diverse offerings, we meticulously structured the website. This involved organizing content and navigation in a way that clearly differentiated between the solutions for service providers, lenders, and SaaS platforms, ensuring that visitors could easily find relevant information without confusion.

High-Quality Blog Content: To drive more organic traffic and establish the platform as an authority in the fintech space, we invested in creating and publishing high-quality, informative blog content. These articles addressed key topics, trends, and questions within the targeted industries, providing value to readers and improving search engine visibility.

Social Media Marketing: Social media efforts were tailored to engage industry-specific audiences by sharing relevant, high-value content that resonates with the professional interests of our target audience. This approach helped in building brand awareness and establishing a community of interested followers, further amplifying our content’s reach.

PPC Campaigns for Brand Awareness: Recognizing the immediate impact of PPC campaigns, we launched targeted ads focusing on brand awareness. These campaigns were carefully designed to highlight the platform’s unique value proposition, targeting keywords and audiences that aligned with our specific industry focus. This not only boosted traffic in the short term but also supported our long-term goal of building a recognizable and trusted brand in the fintech space.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive SEO audit and on-page optimization
  • Strategic link-building campaign
  • Content marketing and keyword strategy overhaul
  • Programmatic SEO 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • PPC

Business Impact

The strategic emphasis on SEO and content marketing has profoundly influenced the online visibility and organic search rankings of the platform. Within a short period, significant advancements were observed in organic traffic and conversion rates, transforming visitors into engaged customers. The enhancements made to the site’s structure and the relevance of its content not only succeeded in attracting a larger audience but also in bolstering user engagement. This was evidenced by reduced bounce rates and prolonged average session durations, indicating a more compelling and user-friendly online experience.

516.5% increase in organic traffic
Rankings increased by 2,517 positions for desktop and 2,457 for mobile searches, with 6 main service pages landing on the first page of search engine results
Reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by 80% YoY.

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