Ecommerce Company Increased Organic Traffic by 650% In Less than 10 Months

Using the best practices for B2B eCommerce SEO, advanced tactics for generating organic visibility and rankings, increase in the number of onsite and referral transactions. 

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About the Company

The Client, owns ecommerce business in Water Damage Restoration Equipment and Commercial Air Movers and Dehumidifiers․  

The Challenge

This eCommerce SEO case study aims to show you the journey client took to reach success. Referred to Andava Digital, the client was looking for a solution to increase the visibility organically, increase the rankings, drive natural traffic and eventually generate more leads keeping it sustainable.

For the founders the only SEO outcome that matters is that it helps achieve their business objectives. More specifically, is the SEO boosting the purchases and transactions?

The client knew that they needed to focus on search and organic sales at this moment since sales channels diversification was a key priority for that period of time. Finding the right SEO agency was imperative to their growth and getting their business recognized nationwide.

Services Provided​

  • Website audit and technical optimization
  • Inclusive keyword research and targeting strategy
  • Content and CRO optimization
  • Local SEO 
  • Link Building
  • Brand Mentions monitoring and tracking

Strategy and Solution

The immediate audit of the companie’s online properties, market, and competition revealed a huge and challenging potential for eCommerce SEO. The strategy followed the best practice plan mentioned in this eCommerce SEO case study.

  • Website audit and technical optimization
  • Inclusive keyword research and targeting strategy
  • Content and CRO optimization
  • High Authority link building
  • Brand Mentions monitoring and tracking

Website updates and technical fixes

The start assumed we’d need to re-recode the website to be faster and include new conversion-focused CTAs, get optimized for mobile, audit hundreds of website pages, and create an inclusive target keywords list, to cover all the services and products specifically. Andava’s development team did the magic that resulted in:

  • 2x increase in the website loading speed
  • 4x increase in the number of onsite and referral transactions

The Progress and Advancement.

Once we got the necessary minimum results within 2-3 months we moved on to the aggressive plan of getting the high-quality links that were diversified in anchor, distribution, and placement. But like in most eCommerce SEO case studies, in this one also figures speak louder than words. So, these links started to move the needle and within the next 2-3 months we saw a jump in national organic results for the target keywords in the 3 major product and service area targeted keywords like

  • air movers – moved up to #1 position (having a featured snippet)
  • commercial dehumidifier – moved up to #2 position
  • air scrubber – moved up to #1 position (having a featured snippet)

…along with 50+ other keywords that moved up to the first page and started delivering organic traffic and leads.

Expanding the coverage.

  • While the industry is not limited in volumes, the competition and the decision making processes are quite severe. Our approach introduced in this eCommerce SEO case study was to generate more industry related highly professional content for blog posts.
  • We created content reach, specifically optimized product category and services landing pages for the main search queries related to appropriate products and services.
  • The blog content that was well thought out to be a long term investment in the authority and trust of the site brought it an additional number of links and traffic that resulted in more awareness for the brand (measured in brand-related queries increased over the 12 months.

Business Impact

While some ecommerce SEO case studies may lack numbers reflecting the current situation, our success story shows the present status. So, fast forward to today, the company sees 6x more traffic from organic than before, visibility increase by more then 10 times measure through 3rd party tools, 300% increase in syndicated content, and for the first time ever,  outpaced its biggest competitor in both ranking keywords and organic clicks.

  • +350% increase in click-through rate.
  • +650 increase in organic traffic 
  • +2700% Increase in keyword portfolio
  • +2500% Increase in Refferening Domains
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