Custom Printing Company Went from 36 Visitors to
1570 Qualified Leads

This case study is about a Las Vegas-based company that’s leading the custom printing industry. Specializing in custom printed apparel, signage, and promotional products, they pride themselves on delivering projects punctually and to the highest standards.

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About The Company

Founded in Las Vegas our client is a custom printing company that provides full design services for all custom printing and embroidery options. Their services include: custom-tailored branding solutions including t-shirt printing, garment embroidery, flag and banner printing, business card printing, and any other branded promotional item. 

The Challenge

Back in July 2020, this company faced a big challenge: they needed to boost their online presence big time. Their goals were to get more organic traffic, show up better in Google searches, and improve their Google My Business profile.

Services Provided​

  • Content Strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Authority Building 

Strategy and Solution

To overcome digital marketing challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy focused on four key areas: content creation, technical SEO, local SEO, and authority building. Here’s how we approached each component to achieve results:

Content Strategy:
We created content that talked up the benefits of their custom marketing products. We used customer success stories and showed why personalized products are so effective.

Technical SEO:
We optimized their website to make it faster, more mobile-friendly, and secure. We improved the site layout to make it easier for customers to find what they need.

Local SEO:
We improved our client’s Google My Business profile with regular updates and interacted more with customers. This helped them show up more in local searches.

Authority Building:
We went all-in on getting more links from other top sites in their industry, which boosted their online reputation big time.

Business Impact

These strategic initiatives delivered impressive results:

  • Enhanced Online Metrics:

    • Domain Rating: Increased by 1300%
    • Organic Traffic: Surged by 4100%
  • SEO Performance:

    • Google Search Console Clicks: Increased by 543%
    • Google Search Console Impressions: Rose by 139%
  • Improved GMB Performance:

    • Clicks: Increased by 88%
    • Directions: Increased by 1567%
    • Calls: Increased by 1100%
    • Increased B2B Leads: 250%
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