Criminal Defense Law Firm SEO Increases Number of Leads by 900% with Local SEO, Content Strategy and PPC

Andava Digital’s team proposed a comprehensive plan aimed at addressing several key challenges faced by the Client. This included revamping the firm’s website, and implementing technical SEO and content strategy to boost their online visibility. 

Organic Traffic
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Revenue Growth
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About The Company

The Client is one of the most prominent law firms in the State of California with locations across LA, San Diego and Northern California.  

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to stand out in the highly competitive Los Angeles legal market. The firm needed to increase its organic search visibility, improve local search rankings, and enhance its authority and trustworthiness online. The key hurdles included:

  • Low organic traffic and poor visibility on search engines.
  • Subpar rankings in desktop, local, and mobile search results, are crucial for a local service provider like a law firm.
  • A low Domain Authority (DA) score, affecting the firm’s credibility in the eyes of search engines and potential clients.

A prominent criminal defense law firm headquartered in Los Angeles initiated an ambitious SEO campaign in February 2019 to bolster its online visibility. The primary objective was to increase organic traffic and captivate potential clients via its website. Upon inception, the campaign exhibited modest initial metrics.

  • Organic Traffic (Feb 2019): 230 users
  • Google Business Profile (GBP)
  • Initial Metrics (Feb 2019):
    Clicks: 58
    Directions: 46
    Calls: 32
  • Domain Authority (DA): 14

Services Provided​

  • SEO 
  • Link Building
  • Technical Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Authority Building
  • User Experience (UX) Optimization

Strategy and Solution

To address these challenges, a comprehensive SEO strategy focusing on content, technical SEO, local SEO, and authority building was implemented.

Content Strategy
Developed and promoted high-quality, informative content targeting key legal issues and questions relevant to the Los Angeles community. This content was designed to improve organic rankings and engage users, positioning the Client as a thought leader in the criminal defense domain.

Technical SEO
Optimized the website’s technical infrastructure for speed, mobile usability, and secure browsing, ensuring a solid foundation for search engine visibility and user experience.

Local SEO
Enhanced the firm’s Google Business Profile listing and local citations to improve local search visibility. Implemented targeted local keyword strategies to capture users searching for legal assistance in specific Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Authority Building
Launched a targeted link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable legal and local websites, increasing the site’s Domain Authority and trustworthiness.

Business Impact

The SEO campaign delivered remarkable results, significantly boosting Criminal defense attorney’s online presence and engagement metrics:

  • Increased Organic Traffic 734,703 (Feb 2019 – April 2024)
  • Increased Click Through Rate by 328%
  • Increased Number of Organic Leads by 900%
  • Increased Revenue Growth by 400%
  • Ranking Improvements:
    • Desktop Rankings Up: 7,973
    • Local Rankings Up: 1,273
    • Mobile Rankings Up: 6,311
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