The Monthly Monitor by Andava. Recap of Top Digital Marketing News | January 2022

The year 2022 has started with new Digital Marketing & Technology trends worth keeping an eye on and using to your advantage. Stay updated on the latest developments in Digital Marketing, Growth & Technologies with Andava’s Monthly Monitor to stay ahead of the competition and plan for what 2022 has in store.

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Google Algorithm Differs for LanguagesGoogle Uses Different Algorithms For Different Languages

Google doesn’t use the same search algorithms for all languages. E.g., the algorithm for languages where words are separated with spaces differs from the algorithm of languages that don’t separate words.

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Website Migration Tips by GoogleGoogle Shares Advice on Website Migration

Since website migration takes time and has ranking effects, it’s recommended to consider the timing of when to make a move. Create a list of old and new URLs to track the changes afterward.                                                                   
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eCommerce Trends in 2022Check Out What eCommerce Trends Will Define 2022

From sustainable brands to cryptocurrencies, delivery revolution, and D2C direct sales. Check out the five valuable recommendations by Semrush for boosting your e-commerce business in 2022.                                                                
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Product Characteristics for E-Commerce Must-Have Product Characteristics for E-Commerce Domination in 2022

To stand out from the competition, your product on an eCommerce store should have a few key characteristics. It must appeal to a big market, convey a big brand vibe to the consumer, and have a USP.

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Yoast for Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO Gets Easier With Yoast App

Optimizing Shopify product pages and blogs gets easier with Yoast SEO, which offers the same features as the WordPress plugin. Yoast SEO for Shopify will be available in 27 languages and offer a 14-day free trial.

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IndexNow Plugin For WordPress Microsoft Bing Releases IndexNow Plugin For WordPress

The WordPress IndexNow plugin launched by Microsoft Bing enables automated submission of URLs from WordPress sites to multiple search engines without the need to register and verify your site with them.

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Turn a One-Time Buyer Into a Repeat Buyer25 Ways You Can Turn a One-Time Buyer Into a Repeat Buyer

Customers who make repeat purchases lower marketing and advertising costs. With repeat customers, you can easily market for any new product or service because repeat customers are happy with what they buy from you.

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B2B marketplacesMarketplaces — The Fastest-Growing B2B Digital Sales Channel

In one of many signs that B2B marketplaces are becoming part of mainstream eCommerce, collective sales on them grew 130% year over year in 2021 to $56 billion, according to an estimate by Digital Commerce 360.

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AI in MarketingHow AI Is Paving the Way to Greater Humanity in Marketing

Far from replacing human marketing professionals with impersonal bots, AI-generated content maximizes your creative team’s effort by micro-targeting messaging based on individual human behavior.

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Elevate Social Media ROIHow to Elevate Your Social Media ROI

Looking for ways to improve your social media marketing efforts in 2022? Learn how to establish your SM marketing goals, including which metrics to focus on, how to increase engagement, and the importance of adapting.

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Misconceptions about selling on AmazonThe 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Selling On Amazon

Because of the complicated nature of selling on Amazon, there are plenty of misconceptions out there that can derail your sales strategy and leave you far behind your competitors. Check out the 4 most popular ones.

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