Andava Digital Research: Document Management Software 2024

If you’re a business owner, project manager, or simply familiar with the complications of business processes, you’re likely well aware of document management software’s important role.
We know how stressful paperwork can become as an agency with over 500 clients. In 2024 managing these documents by hand sounds wrong. So we talked to some of the best document management software founders and executives to share with you feedback about their software and help you make your decision-making process easier when it comes to choosing a solution.
Before we dive in, it’s important to note that this article is not a comparison and the purpose is to help you find the company whose values, features and story align with yours.

Docmo – Reduce Effort, Increase Quality

DocmoDocmo is a software specializing in Microsoft Excel solutions, dedicated to simplifying workflows, boosting productivity, and ensuring compliance effortlessly. It’s a hyper-automation for content in the Microsoft apps, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook emails, and PDFs. With a keen focus on using the power of Excel at its maximum, they tailored a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, empowering your team to achieve more with less effort. The main concept behind Docmo is that there are no new apps involved, you don’t have to onboard new systems to start using Docmo.

How Docmo Started

Founded in 2020 by visionary Lee Gilley, Docmo emerged from Lee’s experience creating custom software solutions. Recognizing a common need for document automation across various software projects, Lee, armed with a mechanical engineering degree and expertise as an Advanced Excel instructor at UCSD Extension, developed Docmo. Over the years, Docmo has empowered industry leaders like Shell, Harley-Davidson, Dell, numerous banks, construction companies, legal firms, and many others to overcome productivity and compliance challenges. Most of Docmo’s clients have been with them for over 4 years now, which speaks about the quality and value they provide.

Key Features

  • Simplification of tasks by using artificial intelligence: It doesn’t require coding, so you can automate without needing extra apps or logins.
  • High focus on integration within Microsoft’s ecosystem: Docmo seamlessly integrates with Excel and other Microsoft applications, so the teams can concentrate on high-value work while ensuring precision and reliability in document production across Word, PDF, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Complete and compliant deliverables: Content libraries and dynamic connections to external content (Word, Excel, folders, apps, and databases) eliminate re-work and re-entry.

Key Values

  • Adaptability: You can customize it to fit your business perfectly, making it simple to update and put into action as your needs change.
  • Simplification: Whether it’s producing a batch of documents or managing dynamic content, Docmo simplifies processes with its content libraries and dynamic connections, reducing manual effort and ensuring compliance.
  • Security: Security and privacy are of utmost importance, and Docmo prioritizes these concerns with strong measures and necessary standards, ensuring clients’ sensitive information remains protected at all times.

Docomo is a trusted partner in guiding its customers in modern business complexities. From dynamic content preparation to intelligent workflows, Docmo offers a comprehensive suite of features made to address diverse challenges.

Sneak Peek Into The Future

As businesses strive for efficiency and excellence, Docmo remains committed to meeting customer needs, often incorporating new features based on client feedback. With quarterly updates and ongoing usability enhancements, Docmo is constantly evolving.

Some plans include building a template library for Docmo, which will help users to onboard without extra help.

As a consultancy, Lee along with his team is planning to release a new project which includes making new Microsoft Excel Apps. The company goes by the name Excel Engineering

Docmo’s future promises continued innovation and support for its clients’ journeys toward operational excellence.


Gavel – Automation Can’t-Wait

Gavel is a sophisticated document automation and intake software purpose-built for legal professionals, aimed at making access to the law universal. They believe automation is key to expanding access to quality, affordable legal help. Innovating on behalf of attorneys, Gavel ensures they’re competitive and future-ready in the shift toward online legal services.

How Gavel Started

We had the opportunity to speak with the CEO and Founder of Gavel, Dorna Moini, a former attorney with nearly a decade of experience, who felt the need for a specific tool to help her clients, particularly in her pro bono work with domestic violence survivors. This led to the development of a client-facing tool, Gavel, designed to facilitate legal assistance for survivors. Users could access the platform, answer questions, generate necessary documents for any phase of their case, and store all the relevant information within the system for future updates and case progression.

Over time other attorneys became interested in Gavel customized to their respective areas of law. This led Gavel to become the premier legal automation platform, empowering legal experts to streamline their processes and automate their knowledge. With Gavel, attorneys can use client-facing intake tools, automatically generate document sets, facilitate client updates, and collaborate seamlessly—all within a single platform.

While Gavel’s primary user base is in the US, the software has a global presence, serving customers in 23 countries and supporting 19 languages. The Gavel team comprises legal and technical professionals dedicated to enhancing the software’s functionality and user experience.

Key Features

  • Document Automation: Word automation was one of the earliest features of the company. In recent months, Gavel has introduced several new features, including PDF automation, enhancing its versatility and appeal.
  • AI-Enabled Onboarding: Gavel’s AI feature, Gavel Blueprint, launched a few months ago, enables users to effortlessly transform their documents into efficient workflows designed to their needs. Gavel’s AI features are not only about efficiency but also about generating revenue for its users. Many clients use the platform not only to streamline operations but also to attract new customers and generate additional revenue.
  • Custom Commerce Tools: Gavel allows its users to productize any legal service, set custom price and payment requirements, and add branding to your firm within the platform.

Key Values

  • Operate from Excellence: Gavel consistently strives for excellence in every aspect of its operations, ensuring that its software and services meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
  • On the Path Forward: Gavel empowers its users to take charge of their journey by providing innovative tools and resources that enable them to navigate their unique challenges and opportunities confidently.
  • Get Real Things Done: Gavel is committed to tangible results, focusing on practical solutions that efficiently address the needs of its users and drive meaningful outcomes in their professional endeavors․

Sneak Peek Into The Future

While Gavel serves clients across various industries, including HR, recruiting, sales, and medical sectors, the platform’s deep roots in the legal industry drive its continued focus and specialization. Despite its applicability across different domains, Gavel prioritizes the legal sphere, fostering a community through webinars and conferences to further enhance its offerings and support its users. Gavel cares about making a real difference for its users and helping them succeed in their jobs.


Enadoc – Modern And Hybrid Workplace

EnadocEnadoc is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based and SaaS tools designed to simplify document signing, archiving, and automation processes, empowering successful organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey and manage modern and hybrid workplaces with efficient solutions like Enterprise Content Management Systems, Evia, Flowdoh, and Outsourced Scanning Services.

Key Features

  • Electronic signatures: One of Enadoc’s best tools, Evia Sign, provides a user-friendly platform for electronic signatures, allowing users to sign documents securely from anywhere at any time. This feature not only eliminates the hassle of traditional paper-based signing but also ensures legal compliance and document security.
  • Document archiving and management: Enadoc facilitates the transition to a paperless environment, offering solutions for document archiving and management.
  • Automation capabilities: Enadoc’s automation capabilities empower organizations to streamline repetitive tasks and enhance workflow efficiency. By automating document-related processes, such as approvals and notifications, Enadoc enables teams to focus on value-added activities, ultimately driving productivity and reducing operational costs.

Key Values

  • Commitment to Sustainability: Enadoc is dedicated to promoting sustainability through its document management solutions. By helping organizations transition to a paperless environment, Enadoc reduces the reliance on traditional paper-based workflows, leading to significant reductions in paper consumption, waste generation, and carbon footprint.
  • Integrity and Trust: Enadoc prioritizes transparency, honesty, and ethical behavior in every aspect of its operations, fostering long-term relationships built on mutual respect and reliability.
  • Continuous Improvement: Enadoc embraces a culture of continuous improvement, constantly seeking ways to enhance its products, services, and processes. They recognize that innovation is an ongoing journey and are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in document management.

Sneak Peek Into The Future

Enadoc’s solutions are made to meet the needs of various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, and more. Whether you’re a small business looking to digitize your records or a large enterprise seeking to optimize complex workflows, Enadoc offers scalable solutions to suit your requirements.

Enadoc represents a new way of document management, offering organizations the tools they need to adapt to the demands of the modern workplace. By using Enadoc, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and position themselves for success in an increasingly digital world.


DocPlace – Capture, Manage and e-Sign Documents

DocPlace is more than just a document management system; it’s an innovative solution that offers a comprehensive suite of features customized to meet the needs of modern enterprises. With a focus on enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and security, DocPlace is committed to empowering businesses to succeed in their digital transformation journey.

How Does DocPlace Work

DocPlace Pricing, Alternatives & More 2024 | CapterraDocPlace serves as a centralized hub for capturing, organizing, and managing documents, whether they originate from scanning devices, email clients, or file systems. It lets you scan, edit, approve, and archive any document type, from an invoice to a bill. When you scan your document, it identifies your document type and lets you make your edits on it. When everything is okay you have to approve and it will be archived. The platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, empowering teams to work more cohesively regardless of their location.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Document Capture: One of the key features of DocPlace is its ability to transform both paper and electronic files into easily recognizable business documents. By implementing intelligent document capture technology, DocPlace ensures that critical information is readily available to users, eliminating the need for manual data entry and repetitive organization processes.
  • Managed Environment: DocPlace provides users with a managed environment that promotes productivity and collaboration. With features such as thumbnail previews, document annotations, and version control, teams can efficiently collaborate on projects and track changes with precision.
  • Advanced OCR technology: By implementation of advanced OCR technology, all documents within the system are fully searchable, enabling users to retrieve information with ease.

Key Values

  • Customer-Centric Approach: DocPlace is dedicated to understanding its customers’ needs, challenges, and goals, and it strives to deliver exceptional value and support at every touchpoint.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Innovation and adaptability are a driving force behind DocPlace’s solutions. They continuously seek new ways to improve and evolve their offerings to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape.
  • Integrity and Accountability: Transparency, honesty, and ethical behavior are at the core of their interactions with customers, partners, and colleagues. DocPlace takes ownership of its actions and decisions, holding itself accountable to deliver on its promises and commitments.

Sneak Peek Into The Future

DocPlace is all about innovation and adaptability. It is a solution for businesses looking to streamline their document management processes. Whether it’s improving workflows, enhancing collaboration, or increasing productivity, DocPlace plans to empower organizations to succeed in their digital journey.


To Sum Up

If you want to streamline your business, become more productive, and simply cut down the headache that comes with a pile of documents, then you should probably look into one of the presented tools. It will help you and your team collaborate and improve productivity. Moreover, if you are using physical documents, then DMS will not only increase your productivity but save you space and money.

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