Following dozens of requests received over the years, we are now happy to announce the Advanced SEO Course by Andava’s brilliant team.

Learn more about the course below!

Advanced SEO Course

Why You Should Apply:

  • Full Money Back if Hired by Us!

    • We have no commercial intent here and the course is designed to provide the most relevant and useful knowledge to those who are interested in SEO and Digital Marketing.
  • Free Digital Marketing Deep Dive Intensive Course

    • After Passing the SEO Exit test successfully all the eligible participants are welcomed to take part in Digital Marketing Deep Dive Session for FREE.
  • Hands-On Experience

    • No boiling the ocean tactics. All the tips and strategies are reality-based and success-proven.
  • No Generalists, Only Field Experts

    • While Jacks-of-all-trades are awesome, each course will be delivered by one of Andava’s top managers.
  • Exceptional Cheat-sheets and checklists included.

The Start Date & the Timeline

  • Course Start Date: 13.09.2021
  • Registration deadline: 31.07.2021
  • Course Duration: 48 hours
    • Advanced SEO Course: 36 hours
      • 2-hour classes 3 days a week
    • Digital Marketing Deep Dive: 12 hours
      • 2-hour classes 3 days a week

Who Can Apply:

  • Newly Grads
  • Mid-career professionals looking for career transitioning
  • Field Enthusiasts


While we are more than happy to share our knowledge with everyone who is interested in this process, we still have some requirements in terms of professional skills and personal qualities. The number of seats is limited in order not to compromise the quality and the output of the course.

If you are:

  1. Speaking and writing English fluently
  2. Have basic ( or even better more advanced) knowledge of SEO
  3. Motivated and result-oriented
  4. Digital Savvy kind of person

Then we will come for you! >:)

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Pricing and How to Register

The price for the whole course is 100.000 AMD*

* The pricing includes admission to the “Advanced SEO Course”. “Digital Marketing Deep Dive” will be available for free to all participants who successfully pass the SEO Course test. Other participants will be able to buy the Deep Dive Course for an additional fee.

* This fee will be returned to you if you join Adava’s Team.

* You will also get additional materials, including the whole course, useful SEO checklists and guides, and a list of best sources to follow.